1. Are you recruiting?
YES!!! We’re looking for:

Cleaner applicants: you can either send us a sample of your past work, preferably in .psd format (they must have redraws otherwise your application will most likely be discarded), OR take our test.

You can download the test pages here: Page 1 & Page 2

Test Instructions: You must remove all Japanese text, including the sound effects, and replace it with art. Please do this on a separate layer, with the background layer untouched. Note that we are only interested in seeing your redrawing skills. Send us back the files in .psd format.

Also! If you’re a total noob but would still like to help out with the redraws, these sites can help get you started. Practice until you’re comfortable, then try your hand at the test.

To apply, drop us an email. All that we ask is that you be reliable. Please only apply if you’re really going to stick around!

2. Can I upload your releases to [insert manga sharing website here]?
Sure. Link back to us if you can.

3. Can we re-translate your scans to another language?
Feel free to use our scripts, but be aware that translations of translations are generally a very, very bad idea.

If you come asking for help from us in any way regarding this (raw scans, cleans, etc.), you will be expected to replicate our scanlations in their entirety.  This means SFX as well.

4. I really want to contribute, but I don’t have any skills. Do you accept donations?

5. How can I contact you?
Email us at mahouxscans@gmail.com.