TV Yamada 08




So here we are, at the end. Thanks to all of you who took a chance on this show even though you were so deadset on an anime. You’ll probably be enjoying the best of both worlds one day.

Anyway, huge thanks to Xythar, trichinas, and Layton for holding my hand throughout the subbing process. It’s been a blast. If you see their names in other places, be sure to check out their work!

Now back to delaying the manga :)

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17 Responses to TV Yamada 08

  1. senri says:

    final episode, right?

    btw, FIRST! XD

  2. bil says:

    Cute ending. Fun series. Thank you for translating this.

  3. hawkeye312 says:


  4. Noooooooo!!!! don’t delay the manga! It looks so intense D:

  5. shira-chan says:

    Thank you so, so, much for translating the Dorama. I loved it! And, of course, your translations.
    Waiting for more manga! <3

  6. J says:

    Can someone explain the ending for me? The scene with the Forbidden room being broken into.

    A lead up to something?

    • bil says:

      I guess you have not watched very many suspense or horror movies. One of the standard genre endings is to show the protagonists as victorious or at least surviving, then cut to a final scene that shows that the problem could arise again: e.g. the monster has left offspring, someone else is getting into the dangerous research, or the forbidden artifact is found by a person who may start everything all over again. It is done partly as a “twist” ending and partly to allow the possibility of sequels. It may be that the writers were leaving an opening for a follow up series, but more likely this was done as a homage to the many times it has been used in the genre.

  7. hawkeye312 says:

    Haha, thanks Shark. I’ll be looking forward to more manga releases! Thanks a bunch!!

  8. TMD says:

    Are you dropping the manga anytime soon, shark0week0-san? You’re behind like 5 chapters already. If you’re down on budget and staff’s for cleaning/typesetting (or possibly delaying it just because you’re lazy or whatever), drop it an let other scanslation team take it, they can do a better job than you ever will. There are tons of noobs wanting the manga. I don’t care if you’re watching the drama or fansubbing drams/animes or shit, do your job well else other teams will take it by force.

    Honestly, mahouxscans sucks.

    • shark0week0 says:

      Yes, I am behind on budget. Please give me moar m0n3y$$$

      • TMD says:

        I’m serious faggot. Just drop it and let other teams pick it up, It doesn’t cost you a night being a prostitude to buy a Weekly Shonen Magazine which doesn’t cost for than 300 yen (3$) and some shipping adding up around <9$ or so per month.

        Don't get too high of yourself, you're just a normal weeb in the otaku community, just because you did from 26-77 and everyone thinks you did pretty well, doesn't mean you can just delay 5 chapters like that. I'm utterly disappointed that there's still people like you who's trying to contribute to the community but pisses the hell out of TL teams. Seriously, just stop.

      • TMD says:

        Give us all the chapters by next week (or 3 this week) else just drop Yamada-kun and go fansubbing anywhere, its better that way.

    • TMD says:

      yeah, i see lots of dumb people who doesn’t bother to ask or are just giving face to shark-san, glad TMD finally spoke out

      im not in some scanslations team so i wouldnt know but im finally seeing the light that mahou-x/shark0week sucks. 5 chapters? I mean which tl teams would go that far as to delay a good piece of work like Yamada-kun

      • shark0week0 says:

        Dude, if you’re going to samefag, at least be smart about it.

      • Quaker Oats says:

        dat fail solo whining and ignorance. TMD you needa learn how to calm your titties and not get worked up over 1 manga. At the end of the day you don’t buy the magazine and can’t translate it yourself so appreciate what you get.

        “There are tons of noobs wanting the manga. ” <-you sound like one.

  9. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much for this episode and for working on the whole series!!! :D
    I’m getting it now (I couldn’t before because I was on hols) and looking forward to watching it!

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