TV Yamada 06

yamada06_premux.mkv_snapshot_22.38_[2013.09.15_00.01.51]There comes a point where you just stop getting angry at your own mistakes and accept that you’re a dumbass, sister-fucking hillbilly.

This episode draws some parallels with The Tale of Genji, the most notable of which is when Asuka mentions Yugao, a character in and one of the books that make up the aforementioned novel. A good summary of it can be found here, but all you really need to know for this episode is that she was hidden by her married lover for protection (from his wife).

TV Itou is growing on me…

Edit: Apparently there are only two episodes left!

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8 Responses to TV Yamada 06

  1. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much!
    I do like a lot TV Itou now and she and Miyamura are so adorkable when they are making funny expressions together (like when they didn’t understand Yamada’s description of one math symbol lol)

  2. hawkeye312 says:

    THanks, Shark! Kudos to you awesome person.

  3. asehastly says:

    Good news! I finally found enough free time to watch three episodes of Yamada TV!
    also, thanks for this release…

  4. Tea says:

    Thanks for your hard work!! :D
    What?!?! 2 Eps left??
    That went fast… D:

  5. bil says:

    Interesting twist on the Student Council Secretary. Also having the Pres be completely surprised by something is a real departure from the manga. If there is only two episodes left then that is a real pity.
    Thank you again for the episode.

  6. Gaby says:

    Oh I saw your edit, only two episodes left? Does it mean that it wasn’t successful or was it planned like that from the beginning? It seems like 8 eps are not much for a season but I admit it’s the first time that I watch a Japanese series ^^

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