Wherefore Art Thou, JV?

Chapter 75’s still waiting for you to finish :(

As an attempt to placate you people, have TV Yamada instead. Lots of people helped us find a proper source to work from, so eternal thanks to them!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recommend you do. It’s really starting to come into its own now that it’s distancing from the manga plot.

Also, Itou is like some kind of fucking spring of culutre lines. This time, we have the Phrase of the Year Award. Yes, that’s a real thing. Past recipients have been such literary greats as “ohha”.

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22 Responses to Wherefore Art Thou, JV?

  1. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much!!! I find Itou adorable ^^

  2. asehastly says:

    Okay, I have a confession to make…. I’ve downloaded all 3 episodes of Yamada TV (of course Episode 4 not included) and I haven’t watched any of the episodes yet… Maybe because I still have no time or something, I’m not sure…
    but thanks for the release…

  3. jack says:

    Really, truly, thank you for your hard work in translation manga (and tv shows). I like Miki Yoshikawa manga, and I think this is very good material for making anime. BUT tv shows are terrible and bad (teribad?). I watched first three shows and fourth on fastforward… and it’s my last. If you watched tv series before reading the manga – you would not touch it even with a stick… So, I’m happy that manga was in my hands before.
    I’m waiting for next manga chapters!

    PS. My english is rather bad… sorry ;)

    • bil says:

      Television is a different medium from manga. It is especially true in this case where there are 77 chapters of 20+ pages so far contrasted with a typical short run TV season of likely ten episodes. The show is rushed in comparison, and a lot of the plot is altered to fit the constraints. If you had not read the manga first, I suspect the show would have been more interesting, unless, of course you are completely negative about TV. It is the same effect when a book is turned into a movie. They usually end up changing everything but the title (and sometimes that as well) or make the movie way to long to try to fit in everything from the book to please fanatical fans.

      Personally, I find the show to be amusing (in all meanings of that word) and I appreciate the work done by Sharkie and the Watashi team. I do share your desire to see more chapters of the manga as well. Hopefully soon. –Not trying to pressure JV of course. ;-)

      • Gaby says:

        I find it amusing too and I was frankly against the tv version at the beginning. But I decided to watch it “detaching” me from the manga, and I enjoy it now! I like the characters (I thought it would take me longer to like them, especially Miyamura since he’s one of my favorites, but I do like them, Itou and Miyamura together are so cute!), the only one I don’t like much is the actress playing Odagiri but I think it must be her voice.
        Thanks a bunch for your work on the subtitles ^^

      • jack says:

        I understand that TV is different medium, but still… I loved eg. tv version GTO (1998) (with was also different from manga). I think, I can’t “detach” myself from manga like Gaby said. Oh, it’s my loss. ;)
        Personally, I think that best Odagari candidate is girl (see ep. 4 – 10 min and 34 sec. or even better ep. 1 – 18 min and 13 sec.) witch play v-ce president Asuka Mikoto(?).

        • Gaby says:

          Physically, she seems the best candidate to be Odagiri and the haircut really suits her. But after seeing some previews, I think it would be interesting seeing her play Asuka Mikoto since she has this strong, cool aura ^^

  4. JV says:

    Procrastinating because too much Odagiri in the next chapters and she annoys me. A lot.

    BUT YAY FOR MORE YAMADA TV! I think I might actually enjoy the TV show more than I do the manga. (Even though I thought this latest episode was super corny.) That Noarin beatboxing scene fucking slayed me XD All the Yamada/Miyamura scenes are SO GOOD.

    • bil says:

      Yes Odagiri is a pain, but that makes her interesting. And a quick peek at the raws shows some Yamada-Shiraishi-Odagiri-The Pres complications going on. That could get very interesting. Have I swayed you a bit?


      • JV says:

        It’s really her crush on Yamada that bugs me. Everything else about her is rad (her power, her manipulative side… oh and I like her hair) but her infatuation with Yamada makes zero sense to me. Add her annoying tsundere antics to the mix and ALSDKFJKJREJK BLEH just no. Can’t stand her.

        The President stuff though, that’s something I’m looking forward to. I just wanna see him go full villain and make Yamada miserable some more, is that too much to ask for :(

        • bil says:

          That could be fun. Even more so if the Pres starts to see Yamada as a possible successor. Or is that too twisted?


        • Gaby says:

          I agree, her crush on Yamada bugs me too, I don’t know why since Noa seemed cute to me when she said she loved Yamada (talking about the manga).
          And I love all of Miyamo-Yamada scenes, be it the manga or the TV show!

  5. Aereus says:

    I haven’t watched Yamada TV yet, but they marathoned Yankee-kun to Megane-chan TV on TBS last month, and I thought it was actually pretty darn good. Ended up staying up until early morning watching the marathon stream. You just have to accept that it’s going to be fairly low budget, and Japan seems to love that somewhat campy acting style.

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