I’m A Derp

And then there was episode two!  Now with 100% less derps in the preview (I’m getting the hang of this multiple voices thing).  Not really a fan of live action Odagiri, but next episode looks awesome.  Otsukaキター!


Also idk when a new Yamada chapter is coming out. The magazine was on break last week and we’ve yet to get anything this week.

Some thing to note in general:

-Yes, we will be subbing the whole series, barring unfortunate problems.

-Yes, there will be a batch with fixed/tweaked lines.  Or for those who like to download after the fact.

-For those who can’t/don’t use torrents, there is always xdcc in #Watashi on rizon.net.  Otherwise I’m sure someone out there will reupload somewhere.

jhk is a boring release post-maker.

Some things to note about this episode:

-I think (read: think!) the movie Itou mentions is Another Country, but I could be wrong.  Certainly took me long enough to Google for.

Uri Geller is a fag but I like this extra touch.

Super Mystery Magazine MU (or just MU; pronounced ‘moo’) has also appeared in the Yamada manga.  You can find a small write-up on it here.

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20 Responses to I’m A Derp

  1. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much!!! :D
    I will pay attention to that possible Another Country reference since I watched the movie (some years ago) ^^

    • shark0week0 says:

      Oh no I’m gonna be wrong lol

      • Gaby says:

        I enjoyed the ep a lot! I didn’t expect to like the series but I do!
        re: that reference I think you did good! because Another Country deals with (among other things coz it’s not as simple as that) with homosexuality in an English School. Good movie from what I remember and great cast. Kudos!

  2. shira-chan says:

    Thank you very very much! I was waiting your subs!

  3. ALOE says:


  4. asehastly says:

    Great! Thanks for the subs! so cool!
    now, how about the next chapter?

  5. nomnomnom says:

    thank you very much for subbing this!!
    but..maybe its just me but i dont really understand with this rizon site..so “xdcc in #Watashi on rizon.net” err how to get there?

  6. Wy6l6 says:

    How many episodes will be there in the entire series?

  7. bil says:

    Interesting episode. Regarding the scene in the president’s office, they need to learn the difference between “shaky cam” and “drunken, staggering cam”. Otherwise, I mostly enjoyed the show. Nice job on the translation, it had the right feel throughout the episode. Looking forward to the rest of the series and thank you for taking it on.

    • shark0week0 says:

      You’re welcome lol but you at least wouldn’t have been stuck if I hadn’t decided to do this.

      Have yet to properly rewatch the episode but you’re probably right about the funny camera use. What I find interesting is how differently the clubroom scenes are filmed; almost like watching a very active play, with actors coming and going.

      • bil says:

        The clubroom is mostly a one camera setup with a fixed point of view. It is the closest setup to what you would see in a live performance (not counting zooming in and out of course). They seem to be keeping the camera work and setups fairly simple and focusing on the actors. Good choice I think. They are definitely playing Yamada as dumber than in the manga, mostly to up the comedic value. The actress playing Shiraishi has nailed her part beautifully so far. Well worth watching at this point.


  8. Gaby says:

    Hey guys!
    I saw this around in tumblr: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_n_k5nNA3A
    It seems it was tweeted by Yoshikawa Miki herself!!! https://twitter.com/YoshikawaMiki
    Is that her account really?
    Then there will be an anime? Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!
    See you!

    • JV says:

      Oh wow that clip really plays up the perviness of the manga. Not sure if want.


      • bil says:

        Yeah that whole nose-bleed trope is way over done in manga in general. One of the interesting things about the Yamada/Shiraishi body swaps is Yamada being both interested in checking out her body and embarrassed about both seeing/touching her body and Shiraishi’s blasé attitude towards the situation. It is probably too subtle to make it into the anime though. Another thing I find that sets this manga apart from some other gender benders is that the two principals show very little gender confusion, but rather are gaining insights into how the other half lives. Too much rambling, I will shut up now.


        • Gaby says:

          Hey I like your ramblings! :D
          You are right, what you listed is something that makes this manga unique in the gender-bender “sub-genre” (not sure how to call it). Some things are played for laughs but there is character development too.
          I wanted an anime but now I hesitate haha. Even so, I will watch it because who knows? Maybe it might turn out well!

      • Gaby says:

        Not sure if I want either now but I will surely be watching! ^^

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