Surprise Surprise!

maou_blogSecond surprise!  Totally unplanned, I swear.

This is the one-shot Yoshikawa did during the year between ending YKTMC and starting Yamada, as stated in her interview.  It’s really cute and I think more up her alley, what with the mysterious main character.

It’s got a long, long, long history behind it (back when I first joined Mahou-X I think) but I won’t bore you with that.  What matters is it’s done now, and you can all enjoy!


Tsundere-chan: Cleans, letters, redraws, she did it all. And probably the best cleans I’ve seen in a long time, especially considering my terrible scanning ability. Not to mention she got the whole thing off the ground and essentially finished it while I was off picking my nose.


JV: Letters. Oh the letters. Such a fantabulous job, as always.

Redmond, Eos, Savino, Rain: Redraws. And by that, I mean the color pages, color spread, and ALL THE SFX. Yay for talented people!

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13 Responses to Surprise Surprise!

  1. Marik says:

    Download where?

  2. Tsundere-chan says:

    You’re the one that wanted it localized you derp! Stop shifting the blame! :o

  3. Tsundere-chan says:

    I would have called him Magami Taro and called the disease Chuunibyou. In other words, it’s really all Shark’s fault.

  4. ALOE says:

    Thanks, guys! This is cool to get your hands on one of her oneshots!

  5. Wy6l6 says:

    I got to say, I agree with you. I would have much preferred a series based on this with the only tweak being the kids were as old as the Yamada bunch. Good stuff. Thanks gaise.

  6. Mini says:

    Tsuny-chan <333333 This is a really pleasant surprise, I love Yoshikawa Miki. it's great to see more stuff from her.

  7. qwerty says:

    anyway, thanks for the oneshot. :D

  8. Gaby says:

    Thanks a lot for this oneshot! :D Now I’m really curious about that story :O

  9. mistakenforamonster says:

    Haha the cast of Demon Classroom looks the same as cast as from Yamada, only about 5 years younger.

  10. tokkei12 says:

    Thank you so much! ^.^

  11. JJ says:

    Cute story. Thanks as always for all your hard work!

    I see Diablo de Mon likes reading “Yankee-kun to Megane-chan” manga along with his snacks. And how did Adachi end up in a fifth-grade class, anyway?

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