He’s Evil

Y73_blogALL praise JV’s awesome skills this chapter.  She was supposed to release, but oh well.

Also surprise probably coming in like 12 hours (hopefully).


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23 Responses to He’s Evil

  1. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much!!! You do an awesome work with this manga. And wow, what a nice work on that colorful picture! :D
    I wonder if anybody could see the first episode of the tv series. I am looking for a review (a short one at least) but couldn’t find any!

    PS: I wonder if the surprise is what I’m thinking of wahhhh!!! *dies*

    • Gaby says:

      Yayyyyyyyyyy!!! It’s what I was thinking about! Thanks so much, you are amazing!

      PS: btw, I loved the interview that came with the manga chapter!

  2. Predictions says:

    possible surprises
    1. new chapter of yamada
    2. last 3 volumes of yankee-kun to megane chan (please dear mahoux, this)
    3. subbed episode of the live action!

  3. aloe says:

    Thanks for the hard work, mahou!

  4. as giddy as school girl says:

    suprise suprise suprise!!!!

  5. svines85 says:

    very cool, thanks a lot!!

  6. narengoku says:

    Thanks for the chapter guys…
    Special thanks to JV…

  7. asehastly says:

    thanks guys… lovely chapter!

  8. SJC says:

    Oh damn. Now this was well worth the wait so many times over. Thanks so much for yet another amazing job.. And, as one other commenter said, REALLY nice job on that colour picture. It’s so well-done, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear it has always been in English.

  9. tokkei12 says:

    Thank you so much! ^.^ And looking forward to the surprise~

  10. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  11. Wy6l6 says:

    Thanks shark. Btw we all know how much you like to paste-whore pix, but seriously, we don’t want nekkid pix surprise pl0x…. kthxbye.

  12. shira-chan says:

    OMG, the surprise!! Thanks a lot!!

  13. Tommy says:

    I know this might sound really weird but the tracker is down for some reason for me so is it possible for someone to upload it somewhere so it can be downloaded without going by Torrent, I would really appriciate it if somebody did that

  14. aloe says:


  15. Mini says:

    Thank you so much <333
    As a special service I've removed the sexual harassment =D

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