Act Nice and Gentle

Thanks for all the applications, guys.  Really means a lot.

This is sarcasm, btw.

Chapter 68

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17 Responses to Act Nice and Gentle

  1. svines85 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!!

  2. ALOE says:


  3. Wy6l6 says:

    Oh my god.

  4. Mini says:

    You’re handsome even when you’re sarcastic. Thanks for the release <3~

  5. Applicant says:

    (I wasn’t sure where I was supposed to post this so I’ll post it twice! ^^)
    Hello, I’ve been a big fan of Yamada Kun and the 7 Witches. I really love your work because your use of words is so fun to read and I think it’s better than the original text haha
    I’m willing to translate Korean raws if you have them, but I also can find them on my own if that helps. I’m very fluent in both Korean and English so I think I can be of some help ^^

  6. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much for the new chapter! :D

  7. tokkei12 says:

    Thank you so much! ^.^

  8. Tainted says:

    If you can tell me how to make my Macbook pro retina stop resizing all my images then I’d love to apply to be one of those people that put fancy words in the bubbles.

  9. onewchan says:

    Thanks so much for the release! *o*

  10. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

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