Two Sisters

Y67_blogBet you weren’t expecting this, huh?

Also, the rest of the Yamada cast is up.

Suffice to say that they are changing quite a bit.  No riots, now.

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14 Responses to Two Sisters

  1. ALOE says:

    Thank you!!!!!

  2. Mini says:

    Thanks shark0week0, you handsome beast!

  3. svines85 says:

    Awesome, thanks a lot!!

  4. Renan SHQ says:

    The author is successfully making me interested!

    This is an awesome series to read 20 pages, it always makes you want more!

  5. narengoku says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter guys…

  6. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. Me says:

    thanks for the chapter :D

  8. Gaby says:

    Thank you, you are wonderful! :D
    I took a look at the cast and with the help of the translator, I could see that Miyamura is there, yay! I was afraid about his character being removed or something.

  9. tokkei12 says:

    Not expecting it at all XD Thanks for the chapter and for the cast picture as well! ^.^

  10. onewchan says:

    thanks so much for the new chapter~

  11. Hoon says:

    Thank you. I love you.

  12. oh it's you says:


  13. Applicant says:

    Hello, I’ve been a big fan of Yamada Kun and the 7 Witches. I really love your work because your use of words is so fun to read and I think it’s better than the original text haha
    I’m willing to translate Korean raws if you have them, but I also can find them on my own if that helps. I’m very fluent in both Korean and English so I think I can be of some help ^^

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