Fairies and Fun

Jinrui, Chapter 1 (Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita/Humanity has Declined; wiki)

This is what I do in my spare time.  Consider this just a rough draft/teaser text, even though it’s pretty much done.  I’ve tried looking for an editor for it, since my prose is absolutely horrible, but either I’m too apathetic about looking for one or the massive amount of text is very off-putting.  Anyway, if you or someone you know would like to edit this shit contact me at shark0week0@gmail.com and we’ll see if you’re what I’m looking for.  By that I mean if your idea of an editor is a spell-checker, go away.

The chapters are massive and pretty much novellas in and of themselves, so I don’t feel too bad about releasing them as I finish.  I won’t be making any volume packages until I get a finalized script, though.  Also if you are good at making that sort of thing and feel like helping, email me.  Otherwise you’ll get stuck with zero format :)

There are some things I’d like to write notes on, but they’ll have to wait.

Oh, and you can also read it online here if you don’t feel like downloading it.  I highly doubt you’ll want to, though, because 1. I’m retarded at wordpress so there are no pictures, and 2. It’s, again, massive, so reading it all in one browsing session is probably unlikely.

This post is missing a picture.

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10 Responses to Fairies and Fun

  1. Alexander says:

    This is amazing.

    Are you motivated enough to do the whole series?

  2. tanychan says:

    Thank you very much for this.

  3. RaccoonGoon says:

    Thanks. I was really hoping someone would translate this.

  4. bil says:

    Trippy. Fascinating.

  5. Pyo says:

    Awesome. Don’t see why you’re looking for an editor either, it’s a fine read as it is ;)

  6. Tsundere-chan says:

    Thank you~!

  7. Alvin Radeka says:

    I’ve skimmed it, and I think it’s quite good. As I’ve seen the anime version, I think your LN translation has the same ‘unique’ feeling to it. Keep working on it~

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