Embalming 19


The extra pages make me want to kill myself.

Huge thanks to Chewy for doing an amazing job saving my ass on all those insane redraws.  I love you, Chewy!  Don’t leave me!

Next chapter when?  To answer that, my child, we must go back.  Back, to a time when…zzzzz.

Chapter 19

Also recruiting letterers for whatever the fuck you want to letter.

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10 Responses to Embalming 19

  1. evani says:


  2. Wiley says:

    Thanks :D

  3. purpletockfox says:

    Thank you for the update :D ! Keep up the good work ;) ! Bye~

  4. CptnSuz says:

    Thank you!

  5. machamp says:

    Thanks… I had forgotten about this series.

  6. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  7. JECR says:


  8. Atreides says:

    Thanks for your effort! I’m very glad that I can read this.

  9. Rei says:

    Thanks a lot I was afraid this series would be forgotten

  10. Woodensword says:

    Hi, i would like to help with translating Embalming. I’m not always on time but i will try to upload translations at least once a week.
    Reply to this address Blackdrake95@gmail.com

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