Bring It on Home

This release brought to you by the entire Led Zeppelin discography and one hysterical Kage.

Also, I think this manga is trying to cater to every fetish in existence, one at a time. Read at your own discretion.

Chapter 48
Chapter 49

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17 Responses to Bring It on Home

  1. Raj says:

    Link 49 is dead.
    Can you please re-upload it

  2. onewchan says:

    wooot thanks a lot for another double release guys! *o*

  3. commensurate says:

    Uhh, did Mahou-X work on this? Didn’t see your name in the tag.

  4. bil says:

    Thank you for another double release.
    I liked the twist to the plot, although it was consistent with what has been happening so far.
    ……humming “many is a word that only leaves you guessing” ………

  5. Gaby says:

    Thanks a lot for the two chapters! And thanks to Led Zeppelin and Kage as well ^^

  6. puppeto4 says:

    Thanks for another double release. Btw will you guys do the omake chapter that come with chapter 49?

  7. evandov says:

    Thanks guys, love this.

  8. narengoku says:

    Double thanks for the double chapter guys :)

  9. Me says:

    Thanks for the chapters :D

  10. Mini says:

    Hell yeah, thanks for the double release. You guys and Mangaholic are freaking awesome.

  11. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapters

  12. thanks for the chapter,, i like this manga

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