Holiday in Waikiki

I love how they stay so… in character.

Not really, I don’t have the wallet or the sanity to spend a day in Waikiki.  It is, however, a holiday here in America, so happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating!  And safe shopping afterward, if you do that.  Please don’t trample me so that you can get a vacuum cleaner on sale for $10.

Chapter 38

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12 Responses to Holiday in Waikiki

  1. Gabs says:

    Yay!!! What a nice surprise! You are fast! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving :D

  2. shark0week0 says:

    …I didn’t post this. EVIL TWIN!!

  3. imaai says:

    thanks so much for this guys! (:
    Happy Thanksgiving~

  4. Trombe says:

    Thanks for the chapter and happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Ellen Page says:

    Fuck you. That vacuum cleaner is mine!

  6. Mini says:

    Thank you <333

  7. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  8. Me says:

    thanks for the chapter :D

  9. narengoku says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter…

  10. NA says:

    The medafire links for downloads appear to be broken for all the chapters before #31

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