Naggin’ Woman

I don’t understand how this line just keeps working.

Kage’s making me release all by myself. I’m so scared. Someone hold me.

H-Here goes!

Chapter 34

P.S. Chapter 35 is full of effing color pages so expect that never.

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10 Responses to Naggin’ Woman

  1. Mini says:

    Aw, poor baby come ‘ere I’ll hold you =3 Thanks for the release <3

  2. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. imaai says:

    woot thanks a lot guys!

  4. narengoku says:

    Thanks for the chapter…
    Its getting better and better…

  5. MP says:

    Thanks for the chapter, looking fwrd to the next one – good luck with those color pages! :)

  6. GJGJ says:

    I love this series its pretty sad when i look forward to the releases of this manga over any other manga out there i love Yoshikawa Mikis work

  7. Me says:

    thanks for the chapter =D

  8. Gaby says:

    Don’t be scared, you did it fine! *holds you*
    Thanks so much for the release!!! :D

  9. did you get the volume 3? Can’t wait to see the extra!!

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