Unreal Reality

I don’t know why I’m up this late. I feel like I’m about to pass out.

Oh and Miyamura’s on the cover.

Chapter 30

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20 Responses to Unreal Reality

  1. commensurate says:

    Thanks, but why would you rename it?

  2. Mini says:

    Thank you <33

  3. Mitt Romney says:

    Yooo thanks, finally it’s comeback.

  4. encore says:

    thanks a lot, i hope we get to see more of shiraishi in the future

  5. AnonyMouse says:

    “The resource you are trying access belongs to an account that has been suspended”

  6. Yui Kotegawa says:

    dude, your account got suspended pls reupload

  7. Spkilla says:

    Yeah Ur A ccount Got Suspened

  8. KageHitsu says:

    Yeah, I just realized that. Sorry for the moment you can only read it from mangaholic’s reader or batoto. We will try to find a solution

    • manga35 says:

      Some temp alternatives without needing an account and supporting multiple downloads without much waiting or capcha

      sendspace.com (but if the link is set to open to a new tab it won’t open at all)
      sharesend.com (expires after 60 inactive days)
      Zippyshare.com (exp after 30 inactive days but it seems to me that it is the faster)

  9. commensurate says:

    I bet it’s because you renamed it…

    Try Minus.

  10. Kemm says:

    Right now, minus doesn’t accept rar nor zip (nor 7z), only media types like jpg, png, gif, bin, etc.

  11. nope says:

    How about someone post to sendpace or some other site so I can read the thing fullscreen. I would hate to waste that first reading on an online reader. ( Also my Internet is so slow that reading the page as it loads is painful. )

  12. Gaby says:

    Hi guys!
    Thanks so much for the release! I am sorry that the account was suspended but at least I can follow the story online. I hope the problem can be solved soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  14. John says:

    file deleted T-T

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