This Seems Like a Yamada Blog Lately

Got volume two of Yamada! Yay! It collects chapters 8 through 16.

Jacket cover

Jacket flaps

The author’s comment is about how she has a twitter now (has had one for a while, actually), but only really tweets publication updates or really useless stuff. I translate those, as you may or may not know. They’re fairly interesting. Incidentally, the Shiraishi doodle is her new icon.

Front cover

Back cover

More manuscript pages.

And then the extras. There are extras this time! The first bit is an announcement of a question corner where you can write to Itou and Miyamura and they’ll answer, forum post-style. I look forward to some really wacky questions, Japan.

The next bit is a series of gag strips, basically answering some of the questions you may have had about the witch powers and what the kids get up to while using them. You can grab the full-sized version here or scroll down.

Volume three comes out on October 17th.

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7 Responses to This Seems Like a Yamada Blog Lately

  1. asehastly says:

    Rescan First Volume…..

  2. Nami says:

    I just recently started reading this series. Your localization and translation is well done! I’m looking forward to reading all of it!

  3. Gaby says:

    Oh my. I love this kind of posts with stuff like this, like it was done some time ago ♥
    The extras are hilarious!!!
    The kisses on the knees killed me! And the “Pucker up!” too!
    Thanks so much!!! It made my day, really!!! :D

  4. Mini says:

    Ahahaha, thanks for those extra gems and the chapter info for volume 2 <3

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