I’m on an Island

More Embalming! Yay! This wraps up volume 3, and what a way to end it, eh? Again, extras are included at the end of the chapter.

This would have been out much earlier, but I was kind of sort of spending my every waking moment playing a game. No, not Diablo 3. Expect releases for this series to slow down a little now, unless you want to apply as a cleaner and speed them back up! You know you want to.

Embalming Chapter 16

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7 Responses to I’m on an Island

  1. Vani says:


  2. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. asehastly says:

    thanks for this…
    so uhmm…. when is the next yamada would be release?

  4. BDL says:


  5. Zai says:

    Nice, Thanks :) this manga is awesome!

  6. what do you mean by “never”?

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