So Mystifying

Itou’s the cutest thing ever. She’s so cute, she even inspired us to release this chapter lickity-split!


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17 Responses to So Mystifying

  1. LilsxD says:

    thanks so much for your hard work! :D

  2. asehastly says:

    Thanks for the release.
    Stay Hidden, Good Job!

  3. Keeskt says:

    thanks for the hardwork!

  4. gfjw says:

    thanks! :D

  5. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  6. narengoku says:

    Thank you very much guys… Thanks for the faster releases…

  7. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much!!! I want to know what happens in this chapter after the end of #7!!! You worked really fast :D

  8. commensurate says:

    Thanks so much for the new chapter, and so soon.

    What in the world does lickity-split mean? I’ve never heard it before in my life. I don’t mind the localisation you do, but sometimes you use obscure phrases that it seems no one has ever used.

  9. seichan245 says:

    moar plz , and thanks you for your hard work :D

  10. asehastly says:

    can’t wait for the next issue…
    thanks for the hard work.

  11. commentor says:

    Regarding the second last schene in this chapter…
    I understand that the “the girl who cried weird” comes from the “the boy who cied wolf” story… But I don’t know the origin of the variation with “weird” could you give a sauce it’s refering too?

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