I’m Sorry

I may have made the stupidest mistake of my life recently. You know those tweet translations we said we’d do? Well, when I was doing some trials to see how best to format them (I’ve never done Twitter before), I thought about re-tweeting Yoshikawa’s tweets and then putting my translations on top. I tried it, and it looked all right, but JV told me that was a bad idea so I deleted it right away. Unfortunately, this is the internet. Yoshikawa found our site. She asked us to stop working on her work (in surprisingly good English). This includes YKTMC and Yamada-kun.

I can’t really express how sorry I am. Especially to Yankee-goon, now that they’ll probably be either forced to work on this alone, or stop working altogether. To make up for it, we’ll try to find another series to work on. Hopefully this time we’ll play smarter.

If you want to read the e-mail chain for yourself, click here.

Okay, we’ve had our fun. The blog’s back to normal now. Thanks for playing along, and here’s to releases getting even stronger! You can make that happen by joining us now!

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30 Responses to I’m Sorry

  1. gatekeeperrag says:

    Well played. Got me hook, line, and sinker.

  2. Karencita says:

    Guys… That’s mean :(

  3. Kenya says:


  4. fertry says:


  5. Jo. says:

    But she really does speak English XD

  6. Alex says:

    *Chokes* 0.0

  7. nurdish says:

    I have to admit! You got me good!!! :)

  8. mako says:

    lol ur such a kiddur booooy

  9. Nikita says:

    Is it 1st April joke???

  10. Gaby says:

    LMAO! I fell for it right away!!! You are a devil indeed ^^

  11. seichan245 says:

    you got me good guy , my heart stop for a second there !

  12. traeci says:

    I almost flipped my computer table! Seriously not good for the heart D:

  13. Kate says:


    This was the first year I didn’t fall for any pranks and then YOU guys ruin my record??
    Well played :)

  14. asehastly says:

    Oh! great! you got me…. for a second, I though I would file a divorce on you….
    Good Job! Cheers!

  15. Hanan-chan says:

    Ahhh! I had a heart attack because of your oh so funny joke!!! What effort you put in this, you guys are just amazing, hat off!

  16. Alex says:

    ><;;;fffffffff I totally fell for that, just saying.

  17. saika says:

    Great Job!!
    You got me!

  18. clouds says:

    I didn’t even realize it was an April Fool’s joke until I read the comments.

    You really got me badly…

  19. Kokingz says:

    lol good one :P

  20. Damn it, I completely forgot that yesterday was April the 1st! So cruel!

  21. hahaha you guyz are sooo mean~ I totally fell for it!!!

  22. Falco1470 says:

    Dammit Don’t pull that prank.

  23. xarin42 says:

    first one I’ve fallen for in who knows how many years…ohwow…

  24. Charles says:

    WOW… 4 days later I fall for it. The first prank I’ve seriously fallen for in a very long time. Damn, you’re good. You sure know how and where to deliver the punch.

  25. gfjw says:

    ._. damn you people. Anyways, keep up the good work (:

  26. Hana145 says:

    Bad people… really bad :c

  27. commensurate says:

    An elaborate deception. I strongly approve.

  28. quick brown fox says:

    Fooled me good, and that was AFTER seeing the Yamada-kun 6 release. My heart seriously skipped a beat.

  29. nuralataion says:

    I think the important thing to focus on is how readily people were to assume that shark0week0 screwed up. We didn’t question it which is why he got us.

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