Something to tide you over…

This is a little ten-page extra in the YKTMC Guidebook about a popularity poll of the YKTMC cast back when the series was still being serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

And yes, I know you’re all itching to read the next YKTMC chapters but you’ll just have to wait until Yankee Goons are finished with them, whenever that may be. I don’t wanna sound like a broken record but if you’re that impatient, you should consider maybe lending us a hand in getting these chapters out faster. Only five volumes left to go, guys! We’re so close! C’MON!!!

-shark0week0 edit-
If anyone’s interested, we’re also going to start translating Yoshikawa’s tweets. I stumbled upon her twitter the other day and thought she had some fairly interesting things to say. Here’s an example of how things will look, using a post that was too long to put on twitter (damn character limit):

March 18

A sympathetic, on-the-house treat recieved from the restaurant I went to with my staff that I wrote about in last week’s author’s comment section of the magazine. We ate every last bite ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (refers to WSM volume 15’s author comment, “I went to dinner with my assistants to keep our energy up about the new series.”)

"Keep up the good work!"

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2 Responses to Something to tide you over…

  1. narengoku says:

    Thank you guys…

  2. asehastly says:

    That would be good to read her tweets in english…
    Thanks for the releases…

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