Holy crap, a new Yamada chapter? And only a week and a half gone by since the last one? IS THIS REAL LIFE?

Thankfully for you readers, the guys and gals over at Mangaholic have saved you from reading crappy-looking scans. They have agreed to share their superior raws and cleaners, so from now on we’ll be collaborating with them to bring you more chapters.

I gotta say, I’m actually enjoying this series so far. Darn you, Yoshikawa, I just can’t quit you and your hilariously drawn faces.

Yamada Chapter 2

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15 Responses to VA VA VOOM

  1. gandalf8 says:

    Thanks for the new chapter. So, does this mean that we’ll be getting a weekly dosage of Yamada?

  2. Keeskt says:

    thanks for the chapter. and yes, hope it will be weekly release *crossfingering

  3. kurini says:

    Omg, that’s so great! I really enjoy reading it, and haha, I love the way they kiss LOL

    Thank you to all the staff!
    That was a really good chapter :P

  4. Mr.coconut says:

    thank you very much
    for an axcellent job

  5. narengoku says:

    Thank you very much for the chapter guys…

  6. Heartless325 says:

    Wooooowww !!!! Thanks a lot guys. I was waiting for this. You guys are awesome.

  7. Alex says:


  8. Go10 says:

    humm a weekly dosage of Yamada, thanks !

  9. traeci says:

    Thank you!!!

  10. joseph says:

    this is why I love you guys so much!!! thanks for the release!! :D :D

  11. asehastly says:

    Love the series (both yamada and yankeemegani) can’t wait the the next release…

  12. Gaby says:

    Thanks so much for this! It sounds like a great story, I’m getting the two chapters now :D

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