Yeah, Don’t Say It

A lot happens when you try to be a good student for a change. It’s been explained before, but in case you don’t check this site every single day like some people:
Your chapters are coming. This I swear, even if I have to re-letter some of them myself.  If that does prove to be the case, I will probably cry, but such is life.  So have just a little more patience, okay?

I’ll introduce myself next time.  I don’t need other people doing that for me, thank you.

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7 Responses to Yeah, Don’t Say It

  1. Chan says:

    =] Go get em! And thanks for helping!

  2. shira-chan says:

    Ganbatte kudasai!
    I will send you lots of energy!

  3. Shadow Reader says:

    so when will the next chap come out? i can’t wait >o< keep up the good work hopefully i will get good new soon!

  4. Thanks so much for helping! Your time and effort is MUCH appreciated!!!1 <3

  5. Shiroxcat says:

    great to hear that, thank you for let us know ;D

  6. jim jim chooni says:

    mahoux check your email!

  7. Yaz says:

    Thanks for all the work up til now, and thanks for the update. I’m looking forward to finishing YK&MC with release from you and yankee goon

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