Most of our cleaners have either left us, or are on hiatus due to real life obligations, so we’re short on help at the moment. If any of you have the spare time and know your way around Photoshop, it’d be great if you could give us a hand.

Here’s the status of the next three chapters:

152 – translated, needs to be cleaned
153 – done
154 – typesetting

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56 Responses to HALP

  1. Chan says:

    I said it on YG’s blog, but I have lots of free time and am starting to learn how to clean properly. Other than that, enjoy your holidays!

  2. CodeLabMaster says:

    I’d be willing to help out cleaning a bit. Send me an email if you need me.

  3. I wish i could help. But I’M SUCK’S. I CAN’T DRAW, I CAN’T TRANSLATE. And my school only teach me Germany. And i hate germany

  4. Anon says:

    if you guys post this “help” on a forum of a manga-scanslation website that host YtM on it, i’m sure there will be at least one person willing to help

  5. nurdish says:

    i’m really disappointed to hear my fav manga has ended with a really bad ending! but stil it is my fav and i’m willing to help you guys! i have a project at the moment but when i have the time i’ll clean the chapters just send me e-mail and i’ll join you soon.

  6. DrSunshine says:

    Dang. I was hoping you guys were really ahead of us. Good luck!

  7. Kaylee says:

    Errr, not sure what “cleaning” means, but I’d be happy to help. Pretty good with photoshop in my view ^^

  8. Vik says:

    *sigh* Ok, i gess i can give it a shot with the cleaning; Contact me, we arrange a date, a maybe a movie or two and then we’ll se where this is going.

  9. ChaosMaster says:

    I’m more a typesetting, but as with a lot of groups, you’ll find that cleaners sometimes miss out on things (or just got lazy) and I have to correct it, so I do know how to do basic cleaning and redrawing. If you still need help then feel free to email me. I’ve got 2 chapters on my list of things to do, but should be done by the end of the week, after that, if you guys need help, I’m happy to assist.

  10. HansMaulwurf says:

    FYI: vol23 RAWS: http://raw1st.com/yankee-kun-to-megane-chan/
    i know you have vol22 and just wanted to let you know^^

  11. VitaX says:

    Any idea what the Q&A and writing afterwards says in v23?

  12. john23 says:

    Ah, I hope you guys aren’t having too much problems. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  13. nurdish says:

    i sent the application page but i did not get any response, maybe i did something wrong? i’m ready to join you guys! since i have the time, we should make use of it.

  14. ChaosMaster says:

    Lolz, I think they might be a bit busy lately. A progress response would be nice though.

  15. nurdish says:

    i think this group has already been abandoned! C’mon guys! say something! I want new chapters to come out already and i’m telling you i’m ready to help!!

  16. Artego says:

    I have a feeling that translation of this manga will end in at least 2 years with this speed. Just what the hell are these guys may be busy with? If i only knew Japanese i could do at least 2 chapters a day (so that will do any good guy), and these guys are slacking like hell

    • S.O.B says:

      More than translation, the problem they have right now is the lack of cleaners

      • Artego says:

        A couple of years ago I was translating manga from English into Russian, and I did 2-3 chapters a day alone. And these guys have many people and still they can’t do it

        • JV says:

          Dude, it’s not the translating that takes time; it’s the cleaning. Let’s see you tackle these crazy ass redraws and turn in chapters at a consistent rate.

  17. one month have passed and there still no update in this manga.. please people make it fast,, can’t wait any longer..

  18. Rose says:

    Are you guys Alive? Please release the scans soon and thank you for your past work!

  19. S&M says:

    *knock knock

  20. Nikita says:

    I realy can understand that you are busy, but can you just write about the progress

    • Rose says:

      It would be really nice if they did that but over a month and no update/response. I doubt that would do that but, I wish they would.

  21. DrSunshine says:

    Guys. Chill.

    An update:

    Mahou-X has been having some internal problems. People leaving, cleaners on vacation, just stuff falling apart. Recently I got an email from one of their translators…

    Basically we’re (Yankee Goon) going to be taking over/merging with Mahou-X. Things are going to be a bit crazy, so bear with us.

    • Rose says:

      Thanks for the update

    • Kouromaro says:

      Thanks for the update. I thought of the same thing but it is sad how it is actually true.
      I wonder if you want help from someone without skill but willing to help. May be not, since you guys don’t have much time to train and the skill level required are high and all :S

  22. Andrew says:

    god damn! if only I had cleaning skills I’d love to help!

  23. Chan says:


    ^ For everyone wanting to learn to clean manga. Not sure if it’s the quality everyone wanted.

  24. someone out there says:

    please continue rappi rangai..

  25. kajiurakun says:

    I can’t stop to read it!!!

    thanks for the this great manga~

    waiting for more~ :D

  26. Jill says:

    How bout a freaken update, people?

  27. Mahou-x is on a little trouble right now, there are cleaners missing in action so please be patient, cleaning is still undergoing, please understand, most of the old cleaners left us and still on development,

    I’ll ask for the right situation with the administrator and tell it to you guys, more patience please…

    i’m also reading this manga and i can’t wait for our cleaners to finish and typset it….

  28. Artego says:

    this fuckin’ cleaning can be finished by one person in one day, whatb the hell are you busy there for several months already…

  29. Artego, cleaning is not just our problem, Mahou-X is under reconstruction and those who left us especially our admin haven’t contact our new admin for the remaining files left for yanmega, if you could just understand us… here’s the update:

    152 — one of our cleaner is cleaning it and still not on the hand of our Admin

    153 — the old admin JV is suppose to send this chapter to our new Admin but unluckily, we are hoping she doesn’t forget it…

    154 — almost done with typeset.

    that’s it folks, staff is our big problems right now, if anyone could help us, i am willing to refer you to ALEX, our new Admin, he’s in a stress right now for making a new and better MAHOU-X, please more patience. Please keep on reading Yankee-kun to Megane-chan, We all know it’s been awhile since the last chapter and i really know what you feel for waiting this long,

    after this little maintenance we’re having, we will give you better release of YANMEGA (hope so)… thank you for everything readers… where almost done, thank god Yankeee-Goon never left us for our help…

    — Shirohige (cleaner)

  30. seichan245 says:

    dude its been 3 month like wth r you guys doing ????
    if you need help i’ll do the cleaning for ya

    • dude, i don’t know if you understand what I’ve said in that first comment, but would you mind reading it, cleaning is not our problem here, it’s the other staffs who haven’t passed the scanned and finish chapters…if you are really willing to help, please give me your email address and i’ll ask our admin, i’m serious man

  31. Sarah says:

    how about everyone take a chill pill. if you aren’t willing to help, then please be willing to wait. jeeze people, it’s not like scanlating is anyone’s fulltime job!! appreciate that anyone is even willing to take the time out of their lives to give us high quality scans!!

  32. Acchu says:

    Hey guys i am a fan of this series and i was directed to this website from manga fox. i am not really sure what a cleaner means but i hear its got something to do with photoshop so if you guys could rope me in as what to do i would like to help you guys to finish the series that is if you guys are still taking
    Softwares i know
    i am still learning softwares. please do inform me if you guys need me
    Btw great job guys i really like that manga. its actually the first manga i read and i really would like to read more of it

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