Well, shit.

If you haven’t heard the news already, Yankee-kun & Megane-chan will be ending next week with Chapter 211.

This crushes my hopes of catching up before the end. Still, I’d like to once again implore anybody with the spare time and love of this series to help both groups (ourselves and Yankee Goon) with the scanlation efforts. Other scanlation teams are welcome to collaborate as well, as long as the translation quality is preserved. Send us an email and I’m sure we can all work something out.

Finally, a plea to the weekly raw providers out there: I’d be eternally grateful if the last two chapters of Yankee-kun could be made available for download. I shall be scouring the ‘net for the next week or so, in hopes of seeing them somewhere! ;_;

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28 Responses to Well, shit.

  1. horacio says:

    maybe you can find it in raw1st.com
    and i´m really sad too. (`-´)> good bye yankee-ken

  2. DrSunshine says:

    Go with cover-land.net, I think they get the latest scans of Weekly Shonen Magazine.

  3. fadedincolor says:

    Aw! Gosh. With the rate Yankee’s been going I thought it’d be a little while before it ended. I’m surprised to see it ending. D: It’s more sad than surprised though. -.- I love this series! Sad to see it actually ending. Is there any hope for an anime? That’d be so awesome.
    Good luck with getting those last two chapters!

  4. moarrrr says:

    I really hope the mangaka for Yankee Kun will start up a new series after this one ends, I really liked her/his writing/drawing style :(

    • Brder says:

      I’ll never touch anything she might do afterwards with the way she basically gave us all loyal readers the middle finger with the how she ended it.

      To answer the question about a chance for an anime. Do you actually believe an axed manga can get an anime? Besides, if hadn’t got one by now, then don’t hold your breath waiting for one in the future.

  5. Deadbear says:

    what?? why?? I thought this series was doing so well!
    Does Yoshikawa Miki at least wrap up the Shinagawa-Adachi relationship?
    Is it ending because they’re graduating and going on to college (how Adachi swings that I have no idea) and so a new series involving the same characters with a new title is starting up where to old left off?
    I hafta admit I’m heart-broken a little bit as I am when all my favorite series ends unexpectadly (like Suzuka).

  6. majrakun says:


    I would love to help with the scanlations, but I have no experience at all. My exams ends this Saturday and I’ll use my time to practice after that to see if I’m worthy enough to help clean the manga for you guys!

  7. Chan says:

    all good things must come to an end I guess. I’d love to help, but unfortunately I can’t read Japanese and have no skills in cleaning. Thanks for the news though, I like knowing these things =]

  8. pepperpia says:

    Aww, that sucks! But like Chan said all good things must come to an end. But thank you for scanning it! Otherwise I would never have known about it.

  9. moonie says:

    it sucks that it’s already ending but i’m kinda glad you guys haven’t caught up to the japanese version yet, because i’ll still have the scanlations to look forward to :D

  10. Sasura says:

    that sucks….

  11. tufi says:

    aaaaw… nooo…. maaaaan… suuuuucks… -_____-‘

  12. Kurusuji says:


    Sigh. I found some spoilers there about chapters 209, 210 and 211. I was lyk, WHAT?! And now I’m quite disappointed.. oh well. in my opinion, this really was an INSANELY HILARIOUS manga and . I’m just sad that it’s going to end like this..

  13. Kurusuji says:

    Hm, by the way, do you still think there’s hope for them to create an anime based on this manga? Well I do hope they do. That way, they could change a few things.. (like the story’s romance pace of Adachi and Shinagawa.. I mean cmon, it’s been 3 years already and very few happened between the two..)

  14. Kurusuji says:

    Oh yeah by the way, I wonder why Yoshikawa Miki decided to end the manga.. ?

  15. MrMangarule says:

    Hi i’m the founder of the group Mangarule and i want to help you with this great manga.

  16. Falco says:

    Why god, this is only manga i read because of the friend say it’s good. Why it’s end. I think Yoshikawa Miki want to go on Even more longer than her teacher current manga(Fairy Tail). Now i’m crying because of the news. How do i’m gonna say this to my Bro. Men he’s gonna take it Deeply.
    You may go. But you always in our hearts.

  17. AsianLOL says:

    I’m glad to know that i’ll be able to read it though :'(

  18. Nogizaka says:

    So I was spoiled @ MF thread…super BS D;
    Still a memorable manga if you ask me…

  19. Deathberry says:

    /angry cries.

    i honestly don’t know what to say. there are some speculation about financial problems related to the quake that made them axe this manga. but urrrrrrgggg words can’t describe what i felt after reading the last chapter (chinese scanlations).

  20. UlquiorraCifer says:

    Saw the spoilers of last two chapter and i must say it completely ruined
    the serie and my will to read it anymore, this is one of the worst ending
    i’ve ever seen on any manga.

    Big Thanks to Mahou-x and yankee-goons for your great works, enjoyed
    reading this manga while it was good.

  21. yui-kun says:

    Read the spoilers… Yeah, the ending was bad. Let’s just hope the mangaka releases an extra chapter in the tankoubon to clear things up.
    Thanks for your hard work, Mahou-X and Yankee-goon, I’m still looking forward to your scans.

  22. aly says:

    the last 3 chapter can be downloaded from here:

    They were uploaded by raw-bunko.com

  23. I Enjoyed It says:

    thank you so much for the release again… with the yankee goons 3 plus yours 3 yay made 6 chapters in one go… ( I’m Enjoying everyones Work )

  24. pzychozound says:

    ey man…when u all wanna publish the new chapter???

  25. Summer says:

    maybe they are taking a break? Seeing as it is now summer I know i wouldn’t wanna be inside translating manga XD

  26. Assay says:

    Awwwwwww I knew it would end but I thought it would drag out more or move onto secondary schooling or whatever… When will the scans be entirely in english up to the last chapter? just out of curiousity not necessity I am asking. This is my favorite manga too, but I was hoping for himeji to be with shinigawa!

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