VOLUME 21 goodies!

Holy shit it got here fast! :D

Here are the color spreads, plus the inner cover which was drawn by Najima Keiji, mangaka of Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san and St. Pistachio Gakuen.


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13 Responses to VOLUME 21 goodies!

  1. AprilMayyy says:

    AW! These are all so great. :] I love that last one! That’s Shina-kun and his family, huh?

  2. S.O.B says:

    lol @ shinagawa’s father

  3. Chan says:

    thanks for this!

  4. Kouromaro says:

    :O I thought it was Shina and Himeji in the future :O But I guess the wife is too tall to be Himeji, huh? xDDDDDDDDDD

    And did I forget anything or who is that girl with short untied blonde hair in the big spread?

  5. Herpity says:

    You should translate chapters instead of posting this.
    I’m so disappointed that no other scanlation groups take this up.

  6. mehmetemresenel says:

    thanks! third one is awesome :D Shinagawa is a father, lol :D

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