I’m a baaaad cleaner. Seriously though, patience is running thin for these stupid redraws. They’re annoying as fuck.

Anyway. I forgot how much I missed YtM until now.

Chapter 105
Chapter 106

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31 Responses to 105-106

  1. BoP says:

    Is fuck annoying?

    I thought it was enjoyable…

    Guess it depends on one’s perspective.

  2. Wew, thank you very much guys~
    I’ve been waiting the chapters so long XD
    Once again, thanks :)

  3. ElSuperNova says:

    Many Thanks, I Guess 107’s Later in the week then?

  4. Xouha-M says:

    Thank you guys for your hard work!

  5. Frou says:

    Sweet! Muchos gracias :)

  6. Sculder says:

    Thanks for this!

  7. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the new chapters!

  8. Jellywolf says:

    I love you guys^^
    I was beginning to think no one cared.

  9. tsabado says:

    Thank you guys !!!

  10. DrSunshine says:

    Hey! We’ve got a couple chapters out too — 108 and the bonus, but not 109 yet. Go figure, haha!


  11. Carrot_Glace says:


  12. Webslinger9 says:

    Thank you so much! Today i my birthday , so what a great present! :D

  13. Habib says:

    Hey guys thanks i know your pressure school is tuff, i got 3 test next week and a assignment so i respect you guys and the time to bring this out thanks mahou-x and yankee-goon as well

  14. Ransom says:

    Thank you for the release!

  15. KaitoKief says:

    Thanks for the chapter

  16. shirokiryuu says:

    About cleaning, I know what you mean. Every time someone has an inner monologue, I just want to bang my head. I wish everyone would inner-monologue in a nice ol’ speech bubble instead of over the background.

    I haaaatte cleaning actions lines. They look so easy, but they drive me nuts!

  17. lagito says:

    Thanks a lot guys
    you rock!

  18. Rei-hina says:

    Thank you so much \o/ houra!

  19. Kouromaro says:

    I’ve wait for about 2 months… Should I wait longer until chapter 110 is out…

  20. DrSunshine says:

    @Kouromaro, chapter 110 is technically the bonus chapter (click my name to get it!)

  21. Hana-chan says:

    Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!

  22. Chan says:

    Cheers guys, made my day!

  23. liki says:

    ooohhh i’ve been waiting for this for so long! thanks! we really appreciate it!

  24. Syl says:

    Still waiting for 107 =(

  25. shirokiryuu says:

    Do you need help redrawing or something? I can help out if that’s what you need help on…

    • jverreuil says:

      Your words, they bring tears of joy to my eyes.

      Okay but seriously, don’t you have your hands full already with cleaning your share of the manga? I really, really don’t want to add more to your plate. It’s nice of you to offer though.

      • shirokiryuu says:

        You’re right…I do have to clean the next batch at the moment OTL. Although we have two cleaners, so often I do have free time. I suck at actual cleaning, but like redrawing and stuff, I can always give it a shot if you’re having trouble/tired/need help :3


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