Nope, no new chapters yet. Sorry guys!

It’s been a little over a month since our last release though, so I figured I’d let you know where we’re at on our next one. The batch has been translated and mostly cleaned, but still needs to be proofed.

Besides that… I bring goodies! Below are the color spreads from volumes 17 & 18 and also the cover(s) of the official Yanmega guide book. I hope you don’t mind the creases and all that other ugliness. I don’t have time to touch them up and I decided I wouldn’t debind my books anymore. It’s too painful!

In case you’re wondering what the guide book’s all about, I leafed through it a bit and it has all sorts of cool things in it like a ton of character interviews & profiles, some color illustrations, the very first Yanmega oneshot that appeared in Weekly Shonen, some stickers, a lengthy Yoshikawa interview, etc, etc. It’s made like a regular volume and it’s just as thick (199 pages) so it’s packed with stuff. I can’t even read most of it but bought it anyway because I’m such a dork for this series.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

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6 Responses to Update

  1. Yuzuru says:

    haha god to her that there’s new chapters coming up
    hmm.. too many new characters
    haha thank you guys for the work

  2. AprilMayyy says:

    Thanks SO much for these! It’s so nice to get even a little something, even if it’s not new chapters! I love this series so much. ^.^
    Thank you for all of your hard work. It’s very much appreciated. :]

  3. Ulquiorra says:

    Thank you so much for your work guys, its amazing :)
    The colors spreads are badass, loving them. The art’s just perfect,
    its a shame this manga isnt well known where i live because its my favorite so far

  4. Rins says:

    Thank you very muchfor the goods! i didn’t know there’s a guide book, would love to get it <3

  5. Kouromaro says:

    So will you guys ever do the one-shot? It seems that without it you have your hands full already, though.
    By the way, who are the couple in green uniform?

    • jverreuil says:

      I’d love to do it, but the raws are going to have to come from someone else. Also our translator’s pretty busy with other stuff, so I don’t know if it’ll happen anytime soon.

      The 2 people in the picture attend the same prep school as Shinagawa & co when the gang prepares for college later on. The girl used to be Shina’s academic rival in middle school.

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