I nearly had a heart attack when the hard drive on my laptop finally bit the dust the other day but then remembered that I had the cleans backed up somewhere else. Otherwise you guys would’ve had to wait another 2 weeks or so. Oh noes!

Oh and I just realized I made a mistake in naming the files. These chapters are from volume 10, not v9, ugh. Sorry about that.

Chapter 87: MF || MU
Chapter 88: MF || MU
Chapter 89: MF || MU

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16 Responses to 87-89

  1. joan says:

    thank you = D we’ve been waiting for this.

  2. Bodick says:

    Thank you I love you and I love the manga XD >.<

  3. nevrast says:

    This is one of my favorite mangas, so thank you very much for the releases!

  4. rembred says:

    where chapters 72-74,84-86? thank you

  5. anon says:

    zomg thanks for the scanlation! i love you!

  6. lunarsoul says:

    Hey I LOVE this Series, I appreciate you continuing to work on this, much thanks.

  7. DeathBerry says:

    Infinite amount of love for this. Thanks!

  8. ratbunuts says:

    You guys make my memorial day very memorial. Thanks for the release. for the YG release arent they supposed to release 90-92, there no dl link for 92 though?

  9. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the releases!

  10. gin says:

    Thanks, guys!

  11. ReaderM says:

    Sweet thank guys, totally unexpected and always appreciated

  12. Patti says:

    Thanks for all the hard work! I just started this series and I’m already on the 9th volume; it’s so good and funny! xD

  13. Kitami's girl says:

    thank you for your hardwork XD
    the 90-92 were from Yankee Goon Scans.
    i can’t wait for the 93 and the other chapters.
    *sorry for my bad grammar*

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