Check before Wreck

All I have to say: If you did not fix your own mistake despite a month’s worth of time, you deserve to be called out.

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8 Responses to Check before Wreck

  1. Brendon says:

    Fixing pages on OM and other online viewers is a bitch. Can’t blame him.

    • heyteii says:

      Not really: I’ve spoken with OM and Mangatoshokan about some chapter tweaks before, they’re quick and responsive.

  2. appztetra says:

    well yeah that can cause some misunderstandings…but no harm dome ^_^

  3. Heretic says:

    Yea, but does it deserve a second observation? The first one in chap 75 was all in good fun, with Shinagawa saying that. This post right here was just unnecessary. Do you really need to call out attention anymore to this issue? I see you check the goons forums; they let the thing go, and took it as advice to improve. Why can’t you drop it too?

  4. bolt says:

    thx for all the chaps ^^

    where are the goons forums??

  5. Nogizaka says:

    Hello, thanks for scanlating Yankee-kun to Megane-chan. :)
    More power to you guys :D

  6. starr duhon says:

    dear miss jackson you have a real nice website i wonder have you made your own website

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