What’s going on:

Ok hi guys.

Some of you are fretting about updates and such, so I’ll give you a rundown of the progress so far: YG is finished with their chapters (more or less?) and me being their translator checker just wound up taking up a lot of my time (more than translating an actual chapter) so I excused myself from it. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s an easy job: IT AIN’T.

Over here, I’m finishing up Chapter 70, and will most likely get 71 done today or tomorrow. In the meantime, I recommend that if you’re still freaking out, to step outside and take a breath of fresh air. Do it. It’ll be good for you.

Oh, and check out this webcomic. It’s about a paranormal investigator (who acts a lot like Adachi, derp.), his deadpan, can’t-phase-me-in-the-slightest zombie sidekick and their awesome adventures. Seriously. It’s ridiculously amazing.

I’ve also put up my email and msn up on the staff page if any of you want to say hi or yell at me or something. Please don’t yell at me.



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6 Responses to What’s going on:

  1. soyokaze says:

    Take your time. No matter which day you release it and how late the hour is, we will still read new chapters with joy and be thankful to you and YG.:D

  2. sabado says:

    Waiting is not a big deal ! YG is one of my favourites mangas ! Without you, I couln’t follow it ! So take your time and thanks ! (Sorry if my english is bad)

  3. DrSunshine says:

    Hey, Teii. Doc here. We’ve picked up an assistant translator / assistant translator, and she’s working out pretty good, so you needn’t take up any more of your time in proofing for us. Thanks!

  4. Ogami says:

    Thanks you so much for your efforts guys. VERY VERY VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. :D

  5. Dragonmaster117 says:

    hey guys i was reading rappi rangai on onemanga.com and found you did the translations and just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts you guys do an amazing job ^_^ cant wait for the next chapter

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