Chapters 64 & 65

Woohoo, two chapters for you today! It’s entrance exams time at Mon Shiro High, which means a new batch of students should be making their way in pretty soon… *coughlameattemptatforeshadowingcough* Also, Akita’s back, bwahaha! Find out what he’s gotten the Stuco into this time.

Note: I know the raws for Vol. 8 aren’t exactly the best. Sorry, just bear with it for the remainder of the volume. D:

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5 Responses to Chapters 64 & 65

  1. ReaderM says:

    Thanks for the release guys, much appreciated

  2. P.S says:

    Thanks for the release!!!!!

  3. c_k says:

    Thanks for all the new chapters. It’s great that you guys now have a website so we have a place to give our thanks. ^_^

  4. SuperReader says:

    YES! More of this please! You guys are the best!

  5. 4eyes says:

    Cool!!! Thanks again!!!

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