New website!

No fuss, no frills. Just something to replace the old site that got 404’d into oblivion.

Anyway, we released chapters 61 & 62 on various manga sharing websites yesterday since we didn’t have this one up yet, but from now on, we will only be releasing on our website. Hopefully that gets you to visit us every once in a while despite our lenient hosting policy. :P

Ahh, speaking as a newcomer to the group, it’s good to have Mahou-X back on the map again.

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13 Responses to New website!

  1. sabado says:

    \o/ it’s good to see you again guys !! and with that some chapters of Yankee-kun to Megane-chan !!! Thanks a lot !!! :-D

  2. zinc says:

    Hell yeah. I’m so waiting for more Yankee-kun to Megane-chan chapters :D

  3. bakared says:

    Sweet, I’m glad you guys are still working on it.

  4. shui says:


  5. Grumbler says:

    Good to see you guys up again!

  6. somber_in_dew says:

    Devotees of YktMc!
    Long live Mahou-X!

  7. Copycat01 says:

    Thanks for this, thought you guys had given up the ghost.
    Welcome back. :)

  8. godzilla2 says:

    Good to see u guys still alive…and definitely good to see that you’re still doing Yankee-kun to Megane-chan…keep up the good work :-D

  9. KaseiC says:

    Good to see you back! :D Thanks for all the Yankee-Megane releases even when your site disappeared off the face of the internet :P.

  10. shira-chan says:

    Welcome Back!! I realy miss you! Don’t disapear again… T_T
    With lots of love
    Go! Mahou, go!

  11. Facedown says:

    so will mahou-x, no longer be doing soul eater?

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